European Parliament President Martin Schulz reacts to Syriza victory

Published: 27 January 2015

Brussels reactions to the landslide election victory of radical left-wing party Syriza in Greece and its impact on the euro.



Pope Francis delivers a message 'to all the citizens of Europe' at the European Parliament

Published: 25 November 2014

Safeguarding human dignity was a key theme of the formal address delivered by Pope Francis to Members of the European Parliament on Tuesday. Immigration, protecting the environment, and promoting human rights and democracy were among the topics stressed in a speech that enjoined "Europe to rediscover the best of itself".

Opening the formal sitting, Parliament’s President Martin Schulz said that the loss of confidence of people in politics, both at national and European level, is "tremendous", stressing that no institution can operate if it lacks support. "We therefore all need to cooperate to regain this lost trust", he said.


Commission welcomes the results of the Brisbane G20 summit

Published: 17 November 2014

The European Commission welcomes the results of the G20 summit in Brisbane (15-16 November 2014) as they help to put the global economy on a sustainable growth path. The G20 summit adopted the Brisbane Action Plan on Growth and Jobs and put strong emphasis on investment.

The G20 has also reaffirmed its commitment to fairer taxation and provided a renewed impetus to financial regulation, global climate action and open trade. Finally, the G20 has made progress on anti-corruption, energy and sustainability, development and reform of international economic institutions. The EU has been instrumental in achieving these results.


Foreign Affairs Council (Defence), 17 and 18 November 2014

Published: 17 November 2014

The following items will be discussed at this meeting: 

MONDAY, 17 November

(10.00) Meeting of Foreign Ministers 

– Ukraine 

– Middle East Peace Process 

– Western Balkans (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 

– Libya 

– Ebola 


Outcome of the Foreign Affairs Council - 20 October 2014

Published: 21 October 2014


The Council voiced deep concern about the ongoing spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa and the increasing number of people being infected and dying from it. Joining in the international effort, the EU and its member states have already committed over half a billion euros to provide urgent medical care and to support the affected governments in mitigating the side effects of the outbreak. 

To encourage additional health personnel to work on the ground, the EU is providing a guarantee that international health workers who volunteer will be provided with appropriate care, locally or through medical evacuation, within available resources, should they become infected. 


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