Agenda of Foreign Affairs Council 20/10

Published: 20 October 2014

The Council will start with a discussion of joined-up strategies to counter the spread of Ebola. 

Ministers will be joined for lunch by Bernadino León, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and Head of the UN Support Mission in Libya, to debate his mediation efforts and possible EU assistance. 

The lunch discussion will also cover the situation with respect to ISIL in Iraq and Syria and means of tackling the terrorist threat. 

The Council will then exchange views on the situation in the Middle East peace process and Gaza, including on the prospects for a sustainable cease-fire. 

Finally, the Council will take stock of the situation in Ukraine, including the implementation of the peace plan, support to the OSCE special monitoring mission and further EU assistance for Ukraine. 

A dinner of foreign ministers will follow the formal session to mark the approaching end of Catherine Ashton's mandate as EU High Representative.


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