Commission welcomes the results of the Brisbane G20 summit

Published: 17 November 2014

The European Commission welcomes the results of the G20 summit in Brisbane (15-16 November 2014) as they help to put the global economy on a sustainable growth path. The G20 summit adopted the Brisbane Action Plan on Growth and Jobs and put strong emphasis on investment.

The G20 has also reaffirmed its commitment to fairer taxation and provided a renewed impetus to financial regulation, global climate action and open trade. Finally, the G20 has made progress on anti-corruption, energy and sustainability, development and reform of international economic institutions. The EU has been instrumental in achieving these results.

Presidents Juncker and Van Rompuy met with the U.S President Obama, along with the British, German, French, Italian and Spanish leaders and they reaffirmed their commitment to concluding a mutually beneficial and high standard transatlantic trade and investment partnership, based on transparency.

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